About Us

Habitat’s vision: A world where everyone has a decent place to live.

Mission statement
Seeking to put God’s love into action, Habitat for Humanity brings people together to build homes, communities and hope.


What is Habitat for Humanity of Madison & Clark Counties?

Habitat for Humanity of Madison & Clark Counties (HfHMCC) is a non-profit, 501(c)3 organization and ecumenical Christian ministry that works in partnership with people in need to build simple, decent, affordable housing. The houses then are sold to those in need at no profit and with a ZERO interest mortgage.  Merged in 2007, Habitat of Clark County was established in 1991 and Habitat of Madison County was established in 1992.  With the merger, we have served over 100 families, built close to 100 homes and continue to build 2-4 homes per year.

How does it work?

HfHMCC offers a hand up, not a handout. We build and sell simple, decent homes to qualifying families at no profit and carry the 20, 25 or 30-year mortgages at 0% interest. Partner families invest hundreds of hours of labor – “sweat equity” – into building their homes and the homes of others. Partner families also achieve homeownership by successfully completing a 12-week Homeowner Readiness Course, which includes topics of budgeting and home maintenance.

Habitat serves as both the general contractor and the mortgage lender on all of the houses. Habitat brings together sponsors and volunteers to fund and build each home in partnership with families. More than 70% of the work done on each house is done through volunteer labor, and HfHMCC receives donations of money and materials from individuals, companies, and civic groups who are committed to the ministry of Habitat. A volunteer Family Selection Committee, with Board approval, qualifies applicants for home ownership.

How do communities benefit from Habitat’s work?

Habitat’s mission is to eliminate substandard housing from the face of the earth. We work toward this goal by replacing run-down lots and condemned houses with new, Energy-Star homes. HfHMCC has also built a 24 home sub-division, known as Hope Estates, which is governed by a Homeowners’ Association. Habitat’s work fills a need for affordable housing in Madison & Clark Counties.

Who does HfHMCC serve?

HfHMCCC serves low-income families who live and/or work in Madison & Clark Counties and have done so for at least one year. We serve those who earn between 30-60% of the area median income and would not qualify for conventional mortgage financing.

How are families selected?

Families must meet three basic criteria to qualify for a Habitat home. They must:

  • Demonstrate need by living in substandard or overcrowded living conditions, by paying more than 30% of their income on housing, or by living in subsidized housing.
  • Have the ability to pay. Applicants must have steady, reliable income that will prove the capability to repay the mortgage.
  • Have the willingness to Partner with HfHMCC by providing all needed paperwork, home visits, and sweat equity, including completion of the Homeowner Readiness Course.

Where does HfHMCC build?

We have built close to 100 homes in neighborhoods throughout Madison and Clark Counties, including the cities of Berea, Richmond, and Winchester.

With each of Habitat’s homes, a tithe is sent to Habitat International to provide for another home in a developing country. Through these tithes, we have built 70 homes in developing countries around the world, including Ghana, El Salvador, and Haiti.

How much does a Habitat house cost?

HfHMCC is committed to building simple, decent, affordable homes for God’s people in need.

We work with eligible applicants to build them a home that they can purchase for a modest price through a 0% interest mortgage.  It costs HfHMCC approximately $72,760 to build a good, quality home, not including the price of the land. HfHMCC receives additional funding through grants and donations to purchase land and pay for development.

How are the houses funded?

HfHMCC works with individuals, churches, corporations, civic groups, and other organizations to fund its homes. Learn about the opportunities available for your group.

 What is ReStore?

Habitat for Humanity generates revenue to help support its mission through the operation of a resale store called ReStore. ReStore’s inventory, which includes new and used items, comes from builders, retailers, distributors, and individuals who donate everything from building supplies and materials to light fixtures and furniture. You can find more information about ReStore here. 

How is HfHMCC governed?

Our affiliate is governed by a Board of Directors, composed of volunteers who represent various areas of Madison and Clark Counties and donate their time to support Habitat’s mission. The Board sets policies and strategic goals. Day-to-day operations are managed by an Executive Director with the help of staff and volunteers. Here is a list of our 2013 Board of Directors.

How can I help?

Contact us to find out how you can get involved!

Non-proselytizing policy
Habitat for Humanity International and its affiliated organizations will not proselytize. Nor will HFH work with entities or individuals who insist on proselytizing as part of their work with HFH. This means that HFH will not offer assistance on the expressed or implied condition that people must adhere to or convert to a particular faith or listen and respond to messaging designed to induce conversion to a particular faith.